Lost in your thoughts is a place of mine, Keep on denying is the only thing I try.

Every night is a lonely tune, Because all I do is think of you.

You came shinning into my darkness, But I cannot accept my only weakness.

I always thought of idea of practical love, Even when I found out you are my true love.

When one thing you want gets defined, Religion,personality and likes gets personified.

You decide to push it aside, When burden of attached love makes you fight.

Letting go is your only option, Where compatiblity is your turning factor.

Your love turns to hate, When vulnerability is your place.

You knew you will destroy yourself with the wrong guy, Still your heart keeps shattering in pieces every day to be with that guy.

Saying goodbye was easy, Still finding the reason for it is difficult.

Missing him everyday, Regretting it over your fate.

Choosing between peace and love, Still letting love to kill you each day.

Hoping for it to stop, Coping from pain it cause.

Remembering those happy days, Ruining it by letting it fade.

Battle between going back to your love and chasing it till you leave it all, Makes you sick of yourself.

Giving away everything, Not getting back that one thing.

Still there is hope to make things right, Meet him again but just to say goodbye.

Hug him hard and cry, To not let my soul walk away with him in this life.

In all this time praying to God for his happiness, Wish he would have given me up and found some girl he likes.

Each day I want to die, Just to make him smile.

Every moment thinking of him, Is killing me inside.

Those scared memories won’t last,

Those scars will fade away,

Wish he hates me one day,

Cause pain is all I can give him if he came.

After years of denial,

I wish my true love sees a light of survival.


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