Get over it

It takes time to get over it,
It takes fight to do it.

While dealing with situation,
One say I’ll get over it,
When asked how??
I still don’t know how to do it.

Time flies for many years by,
Many things left behind to the past.

Many things follow us even when not being asked,

Many things we think over and are done with,

But we still hope for them to show up in future and ruin it.

Emotions show up when we don’t.

We feel sad because things don’t leave us the way we want it to,

We feel happy cos things are over and won’t come back and hover,

We feel angry when we can’t let go of things and still give permission to them to rule us.

Keeping your mind busy,
Not letting it make you feel dizzy,
And finding a way out is only way to survive,
It’s not the way you want to live your life.

Spending day with small tasks trying not to get cursed,
Waiting for night to flood all emotion back and haunt us.

Standing up for yourself can never be called selfish,
If that’s the way to get over it,
Then there is no other way it was suppose to be.

Be bold, be strong,
Don’t let anyone rule you out, When you know you are over and done.


Place where I want to be..

Everything I think about makes me
Wonder is that the place where I want to be.

Sometimes I want to be near to nature,
Where it feels so fresh and clean air to breathe in there.

Sometimes I want to be near to a place where there is quiet,
calmness & inner peace.

Sometimes I want to be surrounded in crowd and get lost among them to get away from feeling of being alone.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where there is a mixture of colour, joy and new people.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where my idols or ancestor have been,
to feel the same they felt.

Sometimes I want to be in a place which is surrounded by knowledge
to make myself feel that I know everything.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where there is love everywhere,
So I can feel like a drop in ocean of love which has no boundaries.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where no one seems to care,
So I can be fun, full of life and do all kind of idiocy especially which annoys people around me.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where all sorts of danger surround me,
So I can prove that adrenaline rush have definitely kicked in to conquer it.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where life teaches me lesson at every stage.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where care is only to be felt.

Sometimes I want to be in a place of dreams where I can experience it all
to see how unreal they have been.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where life becomes total maze,
So that I can decide which one will be my fate.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where I have my foot in every social media in race.

Sometimes I want to be only one in a place to share myself with someone special,
So when he looks into my eyes he feels he is the one.

Sometimes I want to be in a place of déjà vu,
So I can experience everything all over again and have every happy memory played once again.

Sometimes I want to be in a place which feels like heaven,
Having someone to hold my hand to make me feel I am still human.

Sometimes I want to be in a place where I can die to get rebirth in some new place.

Now I exactly know the place where I want to be.

Thank you for reading.

Hope you find your special place where you want to be and get to read this post once again.

We never lose our demons behind, 

We only learn to live without them.

Lost in your thoughts is a place of mine, Keep on denying is the only thing I try.

Every night is a lonely tune, Because all I do is think of you.

You came shinning into my darkness, But I cannot accept my only weakness.

I always thought of idea of practical love, Even when I found out you are my true love.

When one thing you want gets defined, Religion,personality and likes gets personified.

You decide to push it aside, When burden of attached love makes you fight.

Letting go is your only option, Where compatiblity is your turning factor.

Your love turns to hate, When vulnerability is your place.

You knew you will destroy yourself with the wrong guy, Still your heart keeps shattering in pieces every day to be with that guy.

Saying goodbye was easy, Still finding the reason for it is difficult.

Missing him everyday, Regretting it over your fate.

Choosing between peace and love, Still letting love to kill you each day.

Hoping for it to stop, Coping from pain it cause.

Remembering those happy days, Ruining it by letting it fade.

Battle between going back to your love and chasing it till you leave it all, Makes you sick of yourself.

Giving away everything, Not getting back that one thing.

Still there is hope to make things right, Meet him again but just to say goodbye.

Hug him hard and cry, To not let my soul walk away with him in this life.

In all this time praying to God for his happiness, Wish he would have given me up and found some girl he likes.

Each day I want to die, Just to make him smile.

Every moment thinking of him, Is killing me inside.

Those scared memories won’t last,

Those scars will fade away,

Wish he hates me one day,

Cause pain is all I can give him if he came.

After years of denial,

I wish my true love sees a light of survival.


Exposed“>Escape the mind palace, When you are feeling exposed

Your mind is open palace, When all your secrets are exposed. 

Pointing fingers to people giving you looks, making you feel victim for the crime you didn’t commit.

Exposing yourself and fighting back, keeping mind to never regret.

Looking at world with new exposed possibilities, making it yours with no expectations.

Learning from people to never judge and Exposing them to your creation of your beautiful world filled with your pureness.


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